About Us!

Our Place Cute-Stuffs.Com was started in early 2008. We are proudly located in Colorado, USA. It started as an accident, when we received too much of one thing we ordered online, and the seller didn't want them returned, so we sold them online. Not yet realizing the deep, deep burning fire that was lingering just under the surface for adorable charms and cute things! Our shop is "mainly" run by two women, Jo, and Christine. Although we do have a wonderful staff. We are not an actual physical store, outside of fairs and/or flea-markets, and things are run mainly online. However, we do have a physical location for our office (as you can see there in the photo) that we consider to be our headquarters. This is where orders are processed, paperwork is done, and adorable little characters are bundled up nice and cozy (with breathing holes of course) to be shipped out to you! There are also several items for sale there as well, but, for the most part, we are an online store.
We here at CS, are obsessed with cute charms, and unique cute items that are hard to get, or no longer made. So we started putting a few of our own items together to sell, they sold, and the rest is history. We take great pride in making sure each and every one of our customers, or potential customers is a happy camper, and treated as if they are our only customer. We sell mostly rare novelty charms & items, and characters hard to find anywhere else! A large number of our stock is discontinued, so what we have in stock is the last of what we can get of it.
We also are very involved with micro-giving networks, and often times will host giveaways for small charity events. We also host mini giveaways on our facebook page just for fun! So please keep an eye on our Blog & Facebook if you're interested in being part of our giveaway events. In addition to that, we list items on Listia for free, which is a very fun way to get rid of your old stuff and get some of the things you may want without it costing actual money.


Most all the items we list in the shop are items that are rare or discontinued, which makes them unique to you, because chances are, nobody else has them =] . We make sure all items that have an expiration date, are not due to be so long before they get to you. These items would consist of makeup, lip glosses, lip stick, or candy/edible items that we may stock from time to time. If you see an item that is marked as sold out, discontinued, or if you remember an item we once sold on our old store that you wish to have, please feel free to contact us to inquire. We do sell rare and discontinued items, but this is not the case for all items, so it may be worth your time if it's something you're really after, because we tend to keep stock of items we list in the store to ensure that our customers do not purchase an item and it be out of stock, and also because of our giveaways, and street team.

Cute-Stuffs.Com is a licensed fictitious trade name, our graphics are also under license, and we will not tolerate misuse or reproduction of any of our products, characters, designs or names. We claim no rights the the characters sold in our shop, all rights reserved to their respected owners.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone, email, or social media!